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Session Fee

There was a time at our studio when we didn't charge a session fee, but then something started happening, soon people started booking our studio as a back up to family plans, or just on a whim that they might get pictures made. So when someone called that really wanted to have their pictures made, we would be completely booked. We also had to have more people at the studio to cover what we thought was going to be a very busy day. Thats when things went crazy Summer of 2013. We had a Saturday that was booked out every hour with our Summer Family Signature Sessions. We had two assistants on the clock to help cover the business of the upcoming day. We met an hour before opening just to discuss our plan on how to approach and shoot these families, and children. We looked up different poses and locations so all their pictures wouldn’t look the same. After waiting 9 hours, no one showed. That was the day that the free sessions stopped, and we started charging a session fee. 

We wanted to make the session fees very affordable, so we created the model program that not only made the session extremely affordable but also allowed us to build our professional portfolios. We wanted to be competitive and still have enough invested in the session that we could pay the assistant and the travel of the studio.

Session Fees Include 

  • the time and experience of the photographer and the assistant, making kids smile, capturing the perfectly exposed portrait and moments, the 11 years experience in studio and outdoors taking portraits and knowing what exactly makes a perfect photograph.
  • the time spent before the session preparing, looking at different poses and lighting techniques
  • the thousands of dollars of equipment that is used to capture those images and the insurance of that equipment
  • the time that the photographer and the assistants are away from there family working
  • the hours upon hours of time it takes to edit each image individually that is put in before your viewing session
  • the Facebook Samples that are created so you can show your images off to your friends and family
  • not only the hour of shooting time set aside but also the hour set aside for the viewing session to make your final selections
  • the taxes that are involved, both state and federal, that make Image Photography a professional and legal studio
  • uploading of your images into our system
  • storage in our hard drive so if you ever need your images or more prints we will have them
  • set design, including paint, furniture and research time to make sure it works with the on going trends
  • the fun hats, furniture, drapes, pearls, balls, bubbles and everything else considered a prop
  • studio up keep, cleaning and germ-x to keep the studio safe for baby

Studio Session Fee - $75
One hour session shot in our studio. Up to two outfits.

Outdoor Session Fee - $150
One hour session. Two Locations.

Newborn - $150
Two hour session in our studio.

Senior Sessions start at $150
Two hour session on location or in studio. Two outfits. Additional location & outfits can be added for only $50 each.

Engagement Sessions start at $100
Various session packages are offered including one, two or three locations.


All session fees are non-refundable

We are confident that we have something for every budget.